​H2Flow Controls is a unique leader in the pool and spa industry focusing on Variable Frequency Drives, commercial spa safety, and flow meters.

H2Flow introduces the FlowVis™, combination flow meter and check valve designed specifically for use with Jandy and Pentair assemblies.

The FlowVis™ now comes in a 3" and 4" models designed for commercial pools and larger pools
Installation is so simple that there's almost now way to make a mistake. You can even install it upside down, at tees or elbows with minimal, or zero, degradation in performance.

H2Flow also introduces the Eco-Flow-C Variable Frequency Drive. Using the world`s first Variable Speed Technology specifically designed for swimming pools. This item allow users to keep their existing pump and motor - even if it`s single phase.

Using the Eco-Flow-C Variable Frequency Drivee allows you to make your pool ``green``, offering radical energy and significant fiscal savings.

The fundamental basics as to how this item works is based on Affinity Laws which allows you to reduce the speed at which the pump operates by up to 70% and reduce the energy costs by as much as 90%!

Installation of the Eco-Flow-C Variable Frequency Drive is simple but can take up to two hours to complete.

H2Flow's Emotron PSP20 pool pump automatic shut off is the first Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) to come with a no- nuisance trip guarantee.

The Emotron PSP20 is the most unique SVRS in the world. Unlike other similar models that require cutting into the plumbing, the Emotron PSP20 unit simply connects to the motor with a couple of wires. In a short matter of time, the unit is operating.

A second unique feature of the Emotron PSP20 is the reset button. Unlike any other SVRS, resetting this unit is only a simple push of a button. 

Other key features of the Emotron PSP20 include:
- Uninterrupted anti-entrapment protection even during cleaning and backwashing
- Unaffected performance by hydrostatic relief valves
- Output for remote audible or visual alarms

H2flow's FlowVis™ is distributed in Canada at the following by the following distributors:
Northeastern Swimming Pool Distributors; Aquiform Distributors Ltd.; and Aqua Spa & Pool Supply

To learn more about H2flow, we invite you to check our link to their website embedded behind their company logo at the top of this page.