AquaChek, a Loveland, Colorado based
 division of HACH, is the most widely recognized and used line of test strips in the pool and spa industry because that are the most consistently accurate test strip on the market. They are easy to use and results are come quickly.

All AquaChek test strips are made in the same facility as their medical test strips guaranteeing they most pass he same rigorous standards as the medical test strips.

Add to this that HACH is the world leader in municipal water testing equipment and you have the best pool and spa test strips on the market.

Some of the unique test strips to the AquaChek brand are:

DPD Pro: the first dip and read DPD test strip in the world. Designed for commercial use these test strips can be used as an alternate to DPD drops and will last longer under harsher conditions than traditional DPD drops. The DPD Pro smart phone ap can keep track of up to 200 pools and or hot tubs making it ideal for commercial use or for a residential service team.

AquaChek Pocket Pro is a series of digital handheld meters that measure an array of parameters. Made by Hach, these units are a fraction of the competition’s cost and are as accurate as any AquaChek product. All AquaChek Pocket Pro products come with a 1-year no questions asked warranty. Regardless of how the damage was incurred in the first year, they will replace the unit at no cost!

AquaChek TruTest units come in a red (bromine) and blue (chlorine). These are digital handheld meters that read a unique test strip. These items are ideal for people who are colour blind or just want a digital accuracy.

AquaChek Select is the only 7-in-1 test strip on the market. It tests: Total Hardness; Total Chlorine; Total Bromine; Free Chlorine; pH; Total Alkalinity; and Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)

Dealers who participate in online training and achieve a Bronze status and order an in-store display will be listed on AquaChek’s dealer locator section.

AquaChek products are offered in Canada by: Capo Industries Ltd.; Mursatt Chemicals Ltd.; Lawrason’s Inc.; Northeastern Swimming Pool Distributors Inc.; SCP Distributors LLC; Central Spa & Pool Supply; Partswerx; Poolwerx; Pioneer Family Pools; RBF International; Aqua Solutions Inc (ASI); Aquiform Distributors Ltd; Van Isle Water; Aqua Spa & Pool Supply; Western Pump Ltd.; and Advantage Leisure Products (2004) Ltd.

For more information about AquaChek we invite you to click on the link to their website embedded in their company logo at the top of this page